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Staghelm (PvE)
Welcome to Dragonslair we are all about having fun and doing stuff as a guild. So if you are not in the guild feel free to pst someone in the guild and we would be glad to have you join are band of merry misfits as we progress through the cataclysm
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Spigot the Shammy, Nov 30, 11 8:45 PM.
Gear lists are now out of date with the release of 4.3. I will replace them with updated gear lists as soon as I can.

More New Class Guides

Spigot the Shammy, Nov 27, 11 5:07 AM.
Class guides for Priests and Shaman are now posted to the Library.

New Class Guides

Spigot the Shammy, Nov 24, 11 1:42 PM.
The introductory class guides for hunters and mages are now posted in the library. More to come, so keep checking back for updates..

New Page & New Articles

Spigot the Shammy, Nov 19, 11 8:31 PM.
There is now a links page that explains a little about each link. The links will still appear on the right side of each page.

Additionally, I have uploaded the Paladin Class Guide and the Holy Paladin and Protection Paladin specialization guides. The class guide is a short introduction to the class. My intent is to have information that all players will find useful in the class guides. The specialization guides are a little more detailed, and provide information that interested parties should find useful.

Finally, I have added a few Tanking Tips & Tricks to the Role Guides section. These tips are a little more direct/detailed than the role guide, and should be useful for all tanks.

New Library Articles

Spigot the Shammy, Nov 8, 11 5:57 PM.
I have posted the three role guides to the Library, so they're up and available for reading in the Role Guides section.

Okra has posted her Guide to Dungeon Etiquette in the General Guides section, so be sure to check that out, too.

New content is in progress, so keep checking back for updates. We promise to keep them coming as soon as we can.

As always, feel free to send us your comments, questions, or suggestions.

Until next time, happy reading,

Spigot and Okra
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